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Welcome to Nicole's imaginative world where butterflies have faces and unicorns are smaller than butterflies!

The picture on the left shows a glimpse of Nicole's working environment (located in the Valley of the Sun in Arizona) with a few products. All obtainable in a variety of artistic goods at the great online companies she has trusted. Refer to the "Shop/Products" section for the links.

A Visit to Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 will introduce you to her original digital artworks. Some pieces result in 2D images, totally created in a computer environment using virtual "painting tools". Others qualify as "integrated art". *Integrated art often also refers to hybrid art forms in which new practices are invented and/or combined. Gallery 3 is presenting a totally different style in surrealistic themes!

Most paintings are also available to individuals as digital files in the JPG and some in PNG formats for printing purposes or graphic design. There is a small cost for a one-time, non-exclusive use license. *Please make sure to add your e-mail address, website, full name when contacting Nicole through this website. See the "FAQ page" for more info. If you are a licensor please contact us with a proposal.
** Please note that monitors may be calibrated differently, so colors may slightly vary on your screen.

The FAQ' section will answer most of your questions regarding many subjects including usage of graphics, tube-making, stationery, animated signatures and some derived products. If you are still not sure or have a proposition, please use the contact box and we will be glad to respond shortly.

We wish you a great and enchanted journey! :-)

All images were kept small in order to cut on downloading time and piracy.

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